The San Diego Chargers Lose Embarrassingly

The San Diego Chargers suited up against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in, what on paper, seemed to be a fair match up. The game was nothing fair. The Vikings quickly established they were a better team, pinning the Chargers inside their 20 for most of the game.

The Chargers couldn’t get any offense going. Even though they had more passing yards and more total yards Minnesota just beat a team that hurt themselves most of the game. The Bolts had a total of seven penalties, for 74 yards. One by Melvin Ingram in a crucial moment in the 3rd quarter, where the Chargers defense would’ve only given up a field goal but instead gave up a touchdown and gave Minnesota more plays to put them up 24-7, and run the clock to really kill the hopes of the Bolts.

The Vikings defense may have given up more yards, but the stats do not match how they performed. The Chargers were just on the field longer than the opposing team’s offense, but this seemed to only hinder San Diego, because it seemed as though every time Philip Rivers dropped back for a pass he had two or three Viking defenders already breathing down his neck. A scare in the 3rd quarter for Chargers fans after a hit to Philip Rivers mid section, caused him to grimace in pain and force his coach to call a timeout.

The offense of San Diego couldn’t get into a flow. The offensive line was playing musical chairs. Guards were playing tackle, a guard at center, and tackles at guard. With an injured front line nothing could get established, with at one point all but one was a regular starter. San Diego couldn’t catch a break as another injury scare forced, Orlando Franklin, to sit out for a bit after he had his leg rolled up on him. He did prove his toughness and did comeback.

A pick six in the fourth quarter by Chad Greenway, sealed the 1-2 fate of the Chargers, with a final score of 31-14. The Chargers did manage to do one thing right, at least for the Vikings, was awaken Adrian “All Day” Peterson, as he had 20 carries for 126 yards, and two touchdowns. He said at the end of the game, “I’m back,” which I’m sure made the NFL take a big gulp.

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