“The Single Parent Vs. The Effected Child”

Times have really changed. Many old customs and traditions which were taught and practiced for several years are becoming obsolete now. The modern culture has changed and outgrown values and beliefs that were thought to be the core. For decades and even centuries, one of the most concerning issues to conservative people is the issue of single parenting. From the church’s point of view, single parenthood can be considered as a punishment of some sorts, for those who disobey the teachings of the church. Obviously, a lot of the so called fundamentalists think otherwise. Ancient social philosophies have often linked single parenting to adventurism and liberation of people.

It has been found that single parenting has adverse mental, emotional and psychological effects on a child. Single parenting is already becoming a rapidly growing trend in today’s society. Studies show, that in the US alone, there are four single parents to every ten parents and there are two single parents for every ten adults.  In my opinion, this sounds very hard to believe. In fact, it is very hard to find a family with more than one parent in a single household in today’s society. Although, being a part of a single family may not be healthy to some, it has both negative and positive effects on a child and what they can become in their lifestyle and in their future.

Normally when people think about the effects of single parenting, they consider only the negative aspects of the situation. One of the most common negative effects that can come from this situation is a decrease in the academic performance of the child. When the child or children have too much to deal with and are not given a good way to vent their frustration or resentment, they will often slack at school in an effort to gain attention or lash out. Other negative effects of single parenting can include an increased risk of becoming involved in crime, alcohol or drug abuse, and other delinquent behavior that can negatively affect the child’s future. The reason that children of single parents tend to gravitate towards these behaviors is because of a lack of supervision, or because they do not receive the guidance or attention that they needed in order to deal with their feelings and the loss of a parent. While there is a great deal of potential for a child to develop negative effects of being a child in a single parent home, there is also the opportunity for them to thrive as well.

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