The Social Media World: Is There an Age Limit to Connect?

I believe that social media is what is separating the past from the future. I already know that the future has in store so many more outlets for social media and right now is only the beginning. Currently the most popular forms of social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Can you remember how life was without these platforms? It is honestly hard for me to remember. A few years ago I can recall someone from an elderly generation telling me that Facebook is a bunch of bologna and it is a complete waste of time. Well, who is laughing now? This very same person, my great aunt, has a Facebook and a Twitter. Social media has become a great way for grandparents to connect with old friends, stay on top of their grandchildren’s lives and be apart of an online community with over one billion users. It is incredible to see that someone who is eighty-nine years old is more savvy than my Dad who is fifty-eight. I try to convince my dad everyday to join the world and by that I mean join social media sites. I know that he is interested since whenever we take a photo together he always asks me if that would be a good Facebook profile picture, but he continues to tell me that he is just too old to be on social media. Little does he know he is so wrong. Everyone is on social media. There is no age restriction (well maybe for the youngsters) and he is definitely falling behind the curve. If he ever gets on board there will probably be something bigger, better to dabble in. Social media is truly an incredible thing and without it, well I’m just really not sure what life would be like.

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