The Stage was Lit Up at this Year’s EMA’s

Yesterday, Sunday November 10th, was the 2013 MTV European Music Awards, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. All of the celebrities went with the “out of this world” theme, trying to surprise the crowd and entertain their peers. This was the EMA’s 20th anniversary and everyone wanted to impress. As always, Miley Cyrus was grabbing all the attention she could.

The singer won the award for best music video for her song “Wrecking Ball”. She was wearing a little white leotard and a furry, white boa around her neck. As Cyrus was accepting her award, she tried to fit her EMA in her Chanel clutch. When it didn’t, she pulled out what seemed to be a joint and smoked marijuana on stage. The actual puff was not shown on MTV, but there were many videos and pictures taken.

It was expected for Miley to be just as wild as she was during her infamous VMA performance when she went on for “We Can’t Stop” at the EMA’s. She went in a little bit of a different direction, with black alien figures and a little person dressed in a latex suit as she wore a tight silver dress. As always, there was “twerking” during the performance, but not during her second set when she sang “Wrecking Ball”.

Katy Perry performed her song “Unconditionally” in a shining, silver body suit and was suspended in mid-air. She won the award for best female artist and seemed to have a great night. I always applaud celebrities like Katy Perry, that can have an outstanding performance, without having to be half naked or pull a stupid stunt.

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