The Truth Behind Uncovered Stories

Have you ever attempted to search for something on Google, and hundreds of different sites pop up with totally diverse answers? Or even when you’re watching the news, and two different news cast stations report altered information? It’s tough to know who to believe and who not to believe, especially now a days with the presidential elections rounding the corner.

We’ve all seen those political ads that pop up during your favorite television show. With the American flag blowing in the background, and someone’s deep stern voice politely bashing the other candidate for something they’ve done in their past. Deciding who you’re going to vote for has become a chore thanks to the media. I don’t see how accusing the other candidate of having a one night stand with someone in the past is even relevant to the future of our country. Even if that statement is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person would be a terrible president. Yet, just because someone is a hard core Christian, and has the “American family” doesn’t mean they haven’t done a few things to question either. Take Adolf Hitler for example; he was a vegetarian, he adored children, loved animals, he did not smoke or drink, and made straight A’s in school. He turned around and killed millions of innocent people.

So, I guess my rambling thoughts lead me to wondering is it the media that has it wrong? If we learn to trust and love the media, will the final outcome change anything? Or is it a losing battle, because no matter who the two candidates are, all of them have “hidden” secrets. Neither the American people nor the media can truly show us who would be the best candidate because nobody really knows. The only thing we can do is to listen, but also listen more carefully to your gut. We have to trust our President, no matter who it is, that they will do what’s best for our country. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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