The United States is One of The First Countries to Respond to Tragedies, and Its People Need to Also Remember Those Who Are Greatly Suffering

There is a passage in the bible in the book of Luke that talks about a poor man who always laid down at the door of a rich man, “who feasted sumptuously every day,” desiring to be fed with the crumbs falling from the table of the rich man. I compare the rich man to the citizens and residents of The United States. We have even beyond our needs; we even have to cover our whims. We recognize and are thankful that The United States is one of the first nations to answer and assist when a tragedy hits another nation; but as individuals, I ask God to not let us concentrate in ourselves alone and become a selfish people. When tragedies as the typhoon hitting Philippines come, I feel great admiration for the people who risk their lives, not being afraid of diseases who go personally to help with food, clothing, medicine and even helping out to rebuild the city. It is so easy to stay in our comfort zone forgetting that our neighbors are suffering. Yes, I know regarding to distance the Philippines is not around the corner. However, there are more than three million Overseas Filipinos in the United States, and we need to consider them our neighbors and remember that the survivor victims of the typhoon are waiting to be fed with a little bit more than crumbs. Let us save the money we spend eating outside for a day, and let’s go to donate to one of the organizations willing to go and help our brothers in need.

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