The Virtual World Mirror is the Real World

As a species the human race has always had to follow certain protocols. In the beginning of the colonial period here in the United States the norm was to follow the word of god to the letter, in fact strange behavior was so condemned that when people started to act differently, they would immediately get strapped to a giant wooden poll and set on fire. This is kind of behavior does make an impression on a culture. I know that if my family was strapped to a poll and burned on a Thursday because of taking a romantic stroll in the forrest on a Wednesday, the appeal for me to rebel would quickly dissipate.

Well we have certainly escaped the unscientific notions of our forefathers, but definitely learned a lesson; you must always follow the norm. Though now as a species we have created a medium in which we can life out fantasies and be part of a community in which the real world holds no resemblance, I am referring to MMROPGs, or to those none-nerd speaking, a world within a world (World of Warcraft is a great example). This world can captivate the user to use their imagination in creating a creature, or a being to control, and embark in great quests and expeditions. Though it would seem that this world in side a world was created to escape every single notion of our reality, subconsciously we as humans, cannot escape our nature.

In a recent study done on the psychology of this second world, the players inside still follow subconscious social norms. For example, as a general heteronormative culture it has been ingrained in us to not be so close to our fellow male friends, and it seems that in this world even though nobody would know and even care, the players seem to stick to their real world minds. Though it would appear like the virtual world and the real world don’t have anything in common, there are just many things that even a computer can take away.

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