The virus that no one knows about. . . . Yet.

he Zika virus many us really don’t know of the virus because it hasn’t hit us on the U.S. soil yet but its becoming the new next big virus since the yellow fever. It’s passed mostly by aeded mosquito. There is no cure or vaccine for the virus the only real way to not contract it is by avoiding the places where the virus is dormant at. Places like South America, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc. no news has hit us yet about this because no U.S. States have been affected. It’s almost sad how you have too look for this type of news to actually be aware of it. The reason concern is starting to grow about the virus is because Brazil has been reporting cases where babies are being born with abnormally small heads, death happing, and developmental issues. These issues all related to the Zika Virus and most of the countries are brushing it off as if it was nothing until now. The big concern from Brazil has woken us up and we are now starting to worry about it. Athletes are starting to boycott and say they will not take part in the Olympics in Brazil if the matter is not attend to. We need to come together with other nations and start to find a vaccine or a method to control this virus. This is something that’s going to hit the U.S.A sooner or later and when it does we need to be prepare to contain it or as a species be ready to start counting the casualties from it.






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