There No Such Thing as Generation X, Y, Z (or any other name you want to call us)

For years I have been dealing with older people scoffing their nose at me because I’m young and know how to work an iPhone. It seems as though all they think I know how to do is text, Google things or send an email. I consider myself to be a very diverse person. I generally only use technology to enhance the things I like to do. For example, I love to sing – I use YouTube to help teach me techniques and better the craft of something I am passionate about. My husband likes to produce music in his studio. He’ll often do a Google search to find the best deals on cables, software, etc. to help him with his hobbies.

One reason for the disdain is ignorance. I believe that for the first time maybe since the history of time the younger generation has the upper hand. More and more technology is overtaking every area of our lives (people don’t write checks anymore they use debit cards, for example). Whereas we would look to the older generation to teach us and give us wisdom; the older generation has to look to the newer generation to help them navigate a phone call, email, or new computer. This role reversal can be very uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Additionally, I think it’s important to recognize that not all young people love technology. The only reason I have a Twitter account is because I was forced to have one for my journalism class. I hate having Facebook and would delete it in a heartbeat if my family didn’t live all over the country and use that as a primary way of connecting with me. I’m not constantly “plugged in” and prefer to go outdoors, put my hands to something and create or simply be somewhere quiet and do nothing but reflect.

It’s time to put down our judgments and realize that everyone is uniquely made.

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