There’s something to be said for good character.

Is it better to stand up for whats right and face consequences? Or is it better to remain in the background and hope for the best?

In an article titled “Whence the Revolution” Cairo police who had been outed for beating protestors and everyday individuals. Wael Abbas, an Egyptian native, was the one who was at the forefront of the outing. He posted videos with proof on his blog and stayed consistent in his fight to out the abuse of the Egyptian government. As a result, Abbas found it very difficult to land any jobs in or around Egypt due to his reputation.

As I have read from the article, it seems as though Abbas is “fighting the good fight” in retrospect but is being punished because he has single handedly outed a “corrupt” government and they are expectedly angry and are lashing out in anyway they can and by slandering his name.

So I ask you, whats more worth it? Doing whats right and showing your true character? Or remaining in the shadows and letting others put themselves on the chopping block?

In my opinion, doing whats right shows your true character and your want and need to bring good into the world by outing the bad. However, there are power in numbers. So maybe if others were just as selfless and cared about what others would think a little less, this fight towards justice and good treatment in general towards fellow citizens wouldn’t be so messy..

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