Things I Learned From the Second Debate

Mitt Romney really believes more women should be hired.  He, himself, hired lots of women for his cabinet after receiving binders full of them.  What an excellent way to save money!  Hire a woman, save 23% of what you’d be paying a man!  Because while advocating the mass hiring of women, he did not say they should be paid equally to women.  The question presented to him was on what he would do about equal pay.  He never answered that question.

Mitt Romney believes women should have access to contraceptives.  He did not say he thought insurance should pay for them.  Nor did he say that Planned Parenthood, which provides more affordable healthcare for women should they need it.  And we do need it!  We make 77% of what men make.

Children raised by single parents are going to have ak’s!  I totally missed how this was going to happen, but the inference was pretty clear.  Should have used that birth control you couldn’t afford, ladies!

Romney wants an economic war with China because of their artificial inflation…conveniently ignoring our own.

Obama did not initiate an immigration bill he promised he would, but that’s ok , we are going to run out of menial labor jobs that American’s won’t do for poverty wages, under Romney.  The Mexican’s are going to go home because there won’t be any jobs for them.  Can we ship ditch digging jobs to China?

My capital gains are not going to get taxed if Romney wins, which fills me with an overwhelming sense of wtf.  I’m a middle class woman, I’m never going to be within speaking distance of a capital gain.  Way to prove your in touch with the middle American lifestyle.  Again.

Mostly what I learned last night is that people who are going to be voting for the next leader do not fact check nearly enough.  Politicians speak in half truths and sometimes, lies.  All of them.  Brace yourself.  Wade into The Annenburg non-partisan Foundation’s and learn something.

Do you think the 23% women aren’t getting paid is enough to counter our pregnancy expenses (time off, insurance) and make us still worthy of being put in a binder?  Maybe they should just let us have those pills.




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