Think or Tank

Less than 3 weeks away on October 17, 2009 the University of Central Florida community can expect extreme chaos on campus. The University of Miami football team will be at our home fields to compete with our Knights for the first time. This game will not only attract local Miami fans, but also turn some native Knights into traders as they show their true colors.

The last home game against Buffalo attracted many students that were under the age of 21 to memory mall, the most popular area for tailgating. A reliable source told me police in both uniforms and under-cover attire scanned the crowds and approached anyone and everyone who looked to be around the age of twenty one. Word spread that the “drunk tank” which is a friendly name for the oh-so-unattractive holding area for jail was full two hours before the game even started. This did not stop police from questioning suspected underage drinkers and holding them at attempt of the law with notice to appear. According to a UCF Police officer, underage tailgaters should be on the lookout, they are taking their job seriously to tackle the problem of underage drinking. It is considered a community protection and safety action.

Learning by example, rather than following, underage tailgaters should make the smart choice on October 17th. Being placed in the “drunk tank” is not something that should be taken lightly. Whether your are underage, of-age, or just lack proof of age, being placed in the “drunk tank” means you have been arrested. Fortunately, if you are of-age you can make an appearance at court with proper identification and have the case dropped. Regardless of who you support, it is encourages that students and fans to think wisely, designate a driver, and know your limit.

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