This Is a Blog About My Experience With Writing Blogs On Here For Two Semesters In A Row

So, I was first introduced to the website last Fall 2013 semester when I was taking RTV2012 with Dr. Malala. I thought to myself, this is so different. What a cool way to get points for a class. I probably wouldn’t have found it so appealing if we had a specific topic to write about each week but the fact that we were just writing blogs to express anything about ourselves or what is going on in the world for points, I thought that was pretty cool. I still have my old bogs from my other class published on here so I have a lot of blogs in my profile now.

If I can somehow keep writing blogs on here and set my profile to private or maybe just detach from my previous courses and fellow UCF students, no offense. Then maybe I will continue to write blogs on here. It’s kind of nice to come on here and vent sometimes but I don’t think I’d want it to be a public page if I was to get more in depth about my life. Most of the blogs that I have written have been about events I’m excited about, my views on things, and sometimes it’s just pure venting. Either way, this assignment is something that stands out from other classes and I enjoyed having it as part of my curriculum.

I have never taken the time to read anybody else’s blog. I guess that’s why sometimes I write things that I probably wouldn’t want others to read…because I assume nobody is looking through my blogs. Often times it’s hard to become inspired and write about a topic every week. There’s sometimes that I can’t think of anything I’m inspired to write but I always do, since it’s for a grade and all. Speaking of grades, I believe I have ended this semester on a great note. I’m feeling great. I have no more worries in terms of school and honestly no other reason to worry about anything else. Everything is going be just fine.

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