Thoughts on the end of the school year

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester for this first year UCF student, and I’m ready for a much needed break.  I can honestly say my first year at UCF has been unlike any other.  I truly do love UCF and am proud to be a Knight, but after the toughest year of my college career, I’m glad it’s over.

My first semester here, it was a lot to get used to.  I had just moved from home for the first time, and the classes were unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.  When I graduated with my AA from the small state college in my hometown, the largest class size I’d ever been in was maybe 40-50 at the most.  My first semester, I had no class less than 80 students, so it took a little getting used to.  And the size of the campus itself… I don’t think I’ve ever been on any single property that large before.  But eventually I got used to the majority of the change.

Then, time for a new semester.  I was now officially in the Radio/Television major, and as soon as a started my classes, I felt at home.  Although, the work load was a little more than I was anticipating.  In the end, I managed to make it through most of my classes with my GPA still attached, haha.

By this time I’d become a little more comfortable.  My class sizes were a lot closer to what I was used to, and I’ve managed to make some new friends, which is something that’s difficult for me to do.  It was a pleasure working with my group-mates on several projects in my single cam class, and I enjoyed the experience in my two film classes I’m taking for my minor.

I’ve managed to learn more than I expected both this semester and this year.  The only cons I can think of would be a couple of extremely dull classes (only one each semester, which isn’t bad, so I can’t complain), and a professor that just does not care about students or for how he teaches his class.  I come from a long line of proud teachers and educators, so nothing burns me more than a professor that outright tells you that he has tenure and if you don’t like him, too bad, deal with it.  Professors should be in it for the students and teaching, if you don’t care about students, then what are you doing in a classroom?  But that’s a discussion for another time, so I digress.

All in all, this year has been an amazing experience for me, albeit with a few issues along the way, but what school year doesn’t?  Haha!

It’s been a pleasure spending my year at UCF, and I can’t wait until next school year… or, on second thought, maybe I can, haha.  But hopefully next year will be just as good!

Have a great summer everyone!

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