Tinker Field Hosts Electric Daisy Carnival

If you’re going to the Electric Daisy Carnival, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!
Thousands of ravers flocked to Tinker Field on Friday for opening day of Electric Daisy Carnival 2013, a marathon of electronic dance music, stretching over two days. How does it work? Fans must be at least 18 years old to enter and must have previously purchased either a one-day or two-day pass.

On Friday, the forms of expression among the mostly college-aged crowd included dozens of ravers covered in colorful plastic beads and flowers, particularly daisy’s (hence the event name). Many even make their outfits themselves with the more outrageous the better.

The soundtrack for the love fest was nonstop dance beats provided by internationally known DJs and producers on three enormous shell-shaped stages. Each was equipped with strobes and lasers that offered an impressive show of special effects. After dark, the grounds were illuminated by hanging lanterns and star-like glowing lights in the trees. On the baseball infield dancers kicked up a smog of the dry clay. Others stretched out in the grass or waited in line for the carnival rides. There truly was a place for everyone.

This event has sparked controversy elsewhere for arrests and drug-related deaths in its past, but the crowd on Friday was all about positive energy. Luckily there were no tragic events at the festival this weekend and party-goers can start counting down until next year.

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