To be Independent or Dependent? That is the Women’s Choice.

I often find myself pondering over the question of “what has our society come to?” Between women fighting over a man they do not even know to women barely wearing any clothes doing “wild” things, you have to think that our generation is plummeting. However, as much as the media highlights these women who are dependent on attention they also highlight the strong, independent women who are changing the world.

Many people may become anti-feminist and blame it on the media but at the end of the day it is not the medias fault. Ultimately the audience has the choice in what they watch. I also believe that the way you were raised has a final say. For example, my mother was a strong, working female that raised my two older brothers and me with the help of my father. We grew up watching educational shows. We were aloud to watch shows such as My Super Sweet Sixteen, but we were just amused by it all. I never wanted to be like those girls because I had a solid foundation in which my morals were built.

Even though I am supportive of independent women, I do not believe it is bad to be dependent on other things in life. For instance, when a woman bares a child they are physically and mentally worn out and must take a break from work because giving birth is a job in itself. This is the time for the husband to step up and support the family financially until the wife can get back on her feet. If men could bare children and give birth then things would be different. At the end of the day we all need to realize that everyone needs each other in order to have a successful, positive life.

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