To Work or Study: The choose to work while going to school and the consequences of doing so

As we know, the prices of school have shown a steady increase in the last few years with no sign of slowing down. Students sometimes have to work to put themselves through college, but doing so comes at a price. Some are forced to by circumstance while others simply want to start making money. There are trade offs for both that lead some to make a choice in a no win scenario.

Students who do not have to work have the advantage of either finding a job to garner some money, or just focus on their studies. While most use their time to socialize and sleep, others need it when it comes to harder classes that require many hours outside of the classroom to study and pass their classes. Some professors see their classes as jobs in themselves, and therefore offer little support or understanding when students have to choose between work or class. However, more schools and universities have more lenient policies regarding students, as many have been in a similar situation themselves.

One of the upsides to working, however, is the experience that students gain from their jobs that can help them with finding a job in their field of study, as most companies entry level positions require a minimum of five years experience. It’s a tough choose between work and school, however, if one can not succeed in the classroom while working, the minimum wage job has less of a future than a college degree, and the student must make the best decision for themselves, regardless of the immediate consequences.

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