Today’s popular use of the Internet makes use of books almost extinct.

In today’s technologically savvy world, everyone is more accustomed to the Internet and/or electronic devices to do research. That’s right! Whether it would be research for a school project, recipe for dinner, or to simply learn about an interesting topic, the use of books is less and less popular, as the Internet becomes more and more common today. Today, people can obtain so much information at such a fast pace with a simple “click.” It may be because of how practical, convenient, and helpful the Internet is. I mean, you can start by typing a simple word or sentence on Google, and hundreds of links will come up for that particular inquiry. You can do this through you computer, iPad or tablet, iPod, and/or cell phone. Therefore, it is very easy and convenient, which is understandable if you are curious and want a quick answer to a particular doubt you may have. However, what ever happened to effort? We have forgotten about effort into our work, and have become so lazy and negligent today. We depend so much on our electronic devices and Internet connection that if we do not have it, we probably would not do any research at all, and wait until we are able to possess these benefits to start or continue our search. I think the Internet has helped us a lot in many ways, but I also think that we have gotten a little carried away. That is why many students also get in trouble for plagiarizing. They are just simply not willing to put in the effort to open a book and rely on the sometimes inaccurate Internet information, such Wikipedia. We shall never forget that the Internet was not always there, and before the Internet, we had books. We need to put more of an effort and be professional with out work and be careful with our sources.

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