Too Much Information Causes Fatigue!

In an article by Sharon Begley titled “I can’t think,” she discusses the impact that the internet is having on our minds. She states that earlier generations could make an informed decision by going to the library and referencing a book or newspaper. Nowadays however, we are distracted constantly by social media, and other informative websites. Personally, this has happened to me. I had been studying for hours and continuously checked Facebook statuses. I instantly felt a headache and had to take a break.

There might even be more negative consequences than just fatigue. Begley states that in a study in 2004 that in a study about 401(k) options that people’s participation preferred to opt out when the choices went from 2 to 11. She also concluded that people made bad decisions when there were more options available. Time is everything and people understand the importance of making quick decisions in this economy.

Humans are merely a product of their environment. The western hemisphere establishment of capitalism instills a great concern for time and money. In fact, time is considered money because the input of time and effort often times equates compensation in the form of money. Time is a non renewable resource. People, especially in a capitalist society, understand that notion subconsciously.  A more desired characteristic for future employers may not be just computer skill and competency but rather the ability to discern information quickly and execute decisions.

This isn’t even a new problem. Begley even mentions that in the 17th century, Leibniz complained about the increase in books; there is too much knowledge. As the generations and society continue to progress information increases exponentially and the problem may become worse.


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