Too much Information? Stay current or get left behind.

Knowledge will always be power. We obtain this knowledge through different means of informational data processing. Once upon a time we obtained this information strictly through text books, teachers, and our parents. The sources of information were very limited and very credible because they didn’t come from all over the place. In today’s day and age, some would argue that there is far too much information floating around and the sources are less credible then they once were. With the eruption of the internet and search engines such as Google, and Wikipedia, my little niece could create a basic website and post information about anything and add to this “cloud of information.”

Is too much information dangerous? Are we provided too many choices as appose to 10 years ago? Is technology crippling us? The world that we live in is always evolving and the methods in which we network, connects, search, and entertain ourselves will always change. To say that there is too much information would be to fear change and adapting. Back in the day we were able to look up information in the textbooks and things were straight forward. In defense, back then, we didn’t have a tool as powerful as the internet. We can Google Boston Tea Party and pull up thirty different sites or articles about the topic but the question of credibility comes into play. That’s where we will have to learn to check our sources. Is the article published by a college, major research org, etc. or is it Wikipedia where anyone can post information. There are ways to figure out where this information is coming from.

The earth has yet to explode and we still breathe fresh air (somewhat). This means that with every day that passes by, new information will be presented, new events will catch our attentions, new discoveries will be made, and the amount of information we will need to obtain will always grow because the history of the world needs to also be absorbed. With so much more information to process then 10, 20, or 30 years ago, it’s important to improve technologies that will make the learning experience bearable. Life is changing so we have to change with it. There is no such thing as too much information because the earth still revolves around the sun. There will be more search engines, Apple will create more phones and gadgets to grab our attention, new shows and methods will be invented to help teach our children and it’s our obligation to stay current. Don’t fear change, embrace it and keep up.

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