Top Two Teams Match Up in World Series

This past week, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox met in the World Series of Major League Baseball. Not only are these games the final 4-7 games of the 2013 regular season, but these two teams are truly the best two teams of the entire league. The St. Louis Cardinals were the number one team with the best record in the National League and the Boston Red Sox also had the best record in the American League. The last time a meeting in the World Series between the top two teams would be back in 1996 between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees.

After four games of play, the series is tied 2 games to 2 games. There has been two games so far in Boston and two games in St. Louis. There will be three games left if needed, however the series is a best of seven games.

For Major League Baseball the meeting of these two teams in the fall classic couldn’t be better. The Cardinals and the Red Sox are both very large television markets with enormous fan bases. The playoffs have been filled with teams from huge markets like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. The league when it comes down to the base is a business and seeing teams that come from huge money making teams is very appealing.

Whomever wins this championship will be a true winner based off of how each of these teams played in the regular season and there should not be any argument.

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