Transition to Online Learning in Grade Schools

So as college students we all know the wonderful benefits of online classes. My question is when do we start teaching online classes in high school, or even Jr high? Should we have some kind of orientation class in grade school because at the current rate it looks like online learning is here to stay if not to take over for classroom learning.

I remember my first online class at community college. Before the course was opened up to me I was required to take an orientation class online to prove that I was able to succeed in my actual course. It consisted of learning how to navigate the webcourse page and then I had to write an essay on why I think online classes will be a benefit to my education. It was very simple something I think I could have managed to do when I was in middle school. So I am suggesting in the near future we might start to offer an actual in class course in high school that could be mixed mode. I’m sure in some high schools it might exist but in my county I know they don’t. Brevard County is shutting down three schools due to budget cuts and I believe online course or mixed mode courses could be a resolution to these problems.

The opportunity is there we just have to give the students a chance and that way when they do go onto higher learning they are already prepared for the inevitable which is… A college schedule that is a majority of online classes.

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