“Trap Queen” Rapper, Fetty Wap, Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident

On Saturday, September 27, 2015 Fetty Wap was hospitalized after a motorcycle incident in his hometown of Patterson, New Jersey. It didn’t take long for pictures to surface of the rapper being put on a stretcher and ushered into a waiting ambulance. Soon after that, an outpouring of fan messages were sent hoping that the rapper was well and that he would make a speedy recovery. Fan support through twitter was extremely present in this hard time for the young rapper in his family.

His manager was able to give fans and supporters peace of mind when he was able to report that he was in stable condition at the hospital. This accident has come just one day after the release of his self titled album. The album includes popular songs, Trap Queen, 679, and  My Way.

There are some that are under the impression that he is just a one hit wonder and that his album isn’t going to go anywhere, but with the recent accident and the number of supporters that have reached out to him in his camp about wishing him well, I think that he has a strong support system and that his album will do well when it comes to sales. I think that it truly takes a tragedy to show you where you real fans and supporters are and the support system that you truly have in your corner.

This is not the only hardship that the has had to overcome in his past and I am sure he will power through this one like he has other obstacles that have been put in his way in the past.

I hope that he makes a speedy recovery and that he is able to return to his life as soon as possible. He does have shows that are booked in the near future and I am sure a couple of those are going to have to be postponed until he is able to regain full use of his leg, but who knows artist in the past have powered through broken limbs to still perform.


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