Trendy New “Aerial Yoga” Could Have A Lot of Benefits!

Nowadays there are many new fitness trends Crossfit, pole fitness, hot yoga, and now aerial yoga. Aerial yoga seems like it will make you feel like a Circus de Soleil acrobat.

This yoga is exactly what it sounds like, yoga in the air! Aeriel yoga is started out by hooking up safety clips to the roof, using a silk fabric it is tied into a special knot that allows people of different heights to use the same fabric. This fabric is formed into a “hammock” which is where people will then practice their aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga allows the user to move more freely than they would in normal yoga. This helps the decompression of joins, it can help sharpen focus because of the concentration needed to accurate execute the movements, and it can increase blood flow. Just like an other form of yoga it helps build muscle, increase flexibility, and you can look pretty cool doing it!

Now I have tried aerial yoga before and it looks a lot more relaxing than it actually is. The first time I tried this form of yoga I felt pretty intimidated. You are asked to remove any jewelry and to wear tight fitting clothing. My instructor was excellent and taught me my first “inversion” which as you can imagine it meant I got to go upside down. I placed the fabric at my hip bones and leaned over till I found myself inverted. However, no one told me how uncomfortable this would actually be! The fabric cuts into your side and the blood rushes to your head. I was told that this was something to get use to. It was a challenging class but doable. I had a month of free classes so I tried it at least 5 times. Hanging upside down eventually did get more comfortable!

I would personally recommend trying this new trend out and it seems as if it has a lot of benefits to go along with it!


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