Trouble in Vacation Paradise: Disney Parks Get A Dark Twist In New Sundance Film

Randy Moore arrived at Disney’s parks just as any other average day guest would. He rode the rides, saw the shows and brought home videos of his experience. In fact, this year, the Disney Company is promoting the idea of capturing guest experiences on video to share with the public. After abiding by Disney’s standards, why would Moore possibly be at risk of turmoil?

Earlier this year Randy Moore created a film entitled “Escape From Tomorrow” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. This film was shot on standard theme park approved devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders. No large or obtrusive equipment was ever involved in the film’s creation. Actors paid their way into the parks and did not interfere with day guests what so ever. The film is said to showcase many iconic scenes from the Disney Parks, although Moore chose to give his piece a darker twist. Disney is a light hearted and family friendly place. However, Moore’s Disney displays the horrific reaction a fictional family experiences during their vacation. Taking cheerfully well-known settings and altering their appearance with editing software allowed Moore to create his own world of horror.

Surprisingly, Moore was able to create this piece with little to no complaints from the Disney Company. All park rules were abided by through the making of this film. Actors were subtle and actual chaos never ensued. Time has passed since the film’s Sundance release and there has been absolutely no word from the Disney Company on this matter. Disney strives to create icons and well known structural examples. Although Moore chose the improper “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” route for this project, he also considered his footage to be under the coverage of public domain. Thousands of visitors flock to the Disney parks daily and vividly memorize the sights and sounds. Why would giving his artistic interpretation of them make things any different from a normal vacation video?

Moore was concerned less about violating protocol in this video than he was about how successfully he could accomplish the technique he was seeking. The viewer’s take on his entertaining twist was his main concern. After successfully walking through Mickey’s Backdoor, Moore may not need to escape from tomorrow after all.

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