TV News Anchor Proposed to On-Air

What girl doesn’t dream about being proposed to? Many think of the most romantic ways like having a restaurant rented out, a nice walk in a beautiful park, and some even in the middle of Times Square surrounded by lights and people. With all of these ideas in mind, who would have ever thought of being proposed to in the middle of a news segment? Probably not too many women, but this is what happened to one news anchor on November 1st.

Courtney Reagan is CNBC’s retail correspondent and her boyfriend came to propose to her while she was doing a segment. Here’s how everything happened. First, Courtney was supposed to be off that day because she planned to rest before her big run in the New York Marathon the following day. She was not necessarily pleased when her boss told her that it was extremely necessary for her to come in to work that day, but of course, she did. Next, she was told that she was going to be doing a segment on holiday shopping with another anchor, Tyler Mathisen. Everything gets set up and they go on air. Tyler starts off with talking about jewelry shopping during the holidays and also from a place called Jared which was a great transition for Courtney’s boyfriend, also named Jared, to walk in. Like  anyone could have guessed, she was shocked yet happy to see him. Then came the water works as he got down on one knee, on camera, to propose to her.

This happened on November 1st but was just released for all to see today, November 14th. This might not have been every girl’s ideal proposal but no one could argue that it wasn’t romantic. Courtney, of course, is probably very happy that she came in to work that day.

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