TV: The Unstoppable Power

It is true that in past decades technology has brought new and modern things to our lives. Such things like computers, iPads, tablets etc and with them new ways to communicate and to inform the people around the world. Facebook and Twitter are part of the big list of social pages that are on the web. But, not even any of these new technologies or social networks are going to have the same power that TV has.

As proof of its power, Charles Kenny said in his article that the television is approaching global ubiquity. “About half of Indian households have a television, up from less than a third in 2001; the figure for Brazil is more than four-fifths. (In comparison, just 7 percent of Indians use the Internet, and about one-third of Brazilians do.) ”

Since its creation TV has been the fastest and easiest way for people to get informed about all the things that happen daily around the world. Talking about being fast, through the TV people that are separate miles away can be enlightened about what is going on in the other side of the continent. A clear example of this is when the tragedy of the Tsunami occurred  in 2004, people were able to see the magnitude of this devastating natural phenomenon and in certain way helped the Indonesians.

Television goes beyond reality shows or soap operas. “TV is its own kind of education–and rather than clash with schooling, as years of parental nagging would suggest, it can even enhance it.” TV has given us more options to make more educated decisions about various things, for example it gives us better knowledge about candidates for presidency and their platform.

Television has come a long way from just being a form of entertainment.  It has become a vital tool to modern society.  Countries on opposites ends of the world can stay connected through television.  Children in rural villages who were not previously privileged to an education can now remote in to classes via television.  Where do you think television will take us from here?



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