Twistee Treat Gets a Scare on Halloween

The local news really interested me this past week, and not necessarily in a good way. The company I work for, Twistee Treat, on East Colonial Drive was robbed on Thursday morning. Granted it was Halloween, so I suppose that brings out the crazies.

Openers show up at the store at 11 am. They are alone for about an hour, putting everything in its place inside the cone, then we open at 11:30. The worker that was scheduled to open that day is a very good friend of mine and a really sweet girl. A man knocked on the door at about 11:15 am, dressed in a full Grim Reaper costume, mask and all. He was waving a bag of candy in the peephole as a way of seeming innocent so the employee would open the door.

Once she opened the back door, he rushed in and held a gun to her head, telling her to get inside the freezer. After a while of checking through the store, he pulled her back out and made her open the safe. He took everything from there, about four thousand dollars and various gift cards that were meant to be awarded to the employees.

She tried to push the panic button, but he pushed her away and forced her back inside the fridge. He left about 15 minutes later and she waited an extra 10 minutes before going back out because she was so scared.

Right after, she ran to Taco Bell and the manager called the police. It was a very frightening experience for all of Twistee Treat’s employees, I can’t even imagine being there, enduring it firsthand.

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