Twitter takes over the league; Are Kobe tweets more important than The Lakers skills?

When you think of the Lakers, I am almost one hundred and ten percent sure that the first player who comes to your mind is Kobe Bryant. Whether you are a die hard fan of basketball or not, it is almost impossible not to know who Kobe is. I myself am not a “Lakers Fan” , but I am a fan of Kobe himself. It is no secret that this man is undeniably one of the the best if not the best  in today’s league. The Lakers have been through their fair shares of ups and downs; although it was not seemingly done so, by the grace of God the Lakers made the play-offs this year. Unfortunately, their star player has not been able to play because of an injury to his ACL, Kobe Bryant will not be an active team player in the 2013 play-offs. Although this is devastating news, Mr. Bryant recently found a way to cope with his newly found  “free-time”. Mr. Mamba himself has turned to Twitter and it seems as if his words alone are worth more than the skill set that the rest of the players on the team have to offer to the courts. I follow Kobe Bryant on twitter, and before his injury he was simply  not as entertaining. Recently he tweeted that he was no longer going to tweet anymore because his words were receiving more acknowledgement than his teams hard-work. That tweet alone made world news and I am actually more upset that my timeline will not be as interesting.

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