Two Simple Tips for Surviving Final Exams.

That special time of the year is fast approaching. When the temperature drops a couple degrees and students rip out their hair in anxiety of the bevy of upcoming tests and papers. Exam season can be scary and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time experiencing it. However, the following tips will hopefully make your finals more than manageable.

First, ingrain in your mind that preparation is key. Preparation is the most important aspect leading up to the test. Don’t wait to study the day before the exam. Break up your studies over the week leading up to and the week of your exam. Cramming isn’t nearly as effective as college students perceive it to be, it is far more difficult to recall information you mindlessly memorized the night before instead of actually learned. If you prepare correctly you may still feel anxiety on the day of the test, but you will also feel confident because you know the information.

Many students stress themselves out regardless of how well prepared they are. They feel the world in on their shoulders. It isn’t. A good way to reduce stress is to maintain a healthy perspective of the grand scheme. This exam or paper will be less than a fraction of your life when all is said and done. Education is vitally important and students should take their tests and assignments seriously, but understand that the trajectory of your life won’t be determined by this test, The more weight you give something, the more control it has over your life. Don’t let a bad grade or the fear of a bad grade dictate your self worth and future success,

The term exam season turns many people’s stomachs, but it honestly shouldn’t. It’s an opportunity for success and a chance to review the knowledge you’ve gained. if you prepare and keep perspective you’ll do fine. Good luck!

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