UCF Cheerleaders Make Top 10 for the Pass 21 Years

There was a lot of spirit at Disney’s Wide World of Sports this pass weekend. Sunday was the 2014 College Cheerleading National Championships where college cheerleading teams from all over the nation competed for the National Championship.

Coach Linda Gooch has lead the UCF cheerleading team to the top 10 for the pass 21 years. Gooch has also lead the team to two National Championship titles in 2003 and 2007.

The UCF chearleading team took second place during the College Cheerleading National Championships. UCF has been in the top five for the pass nine consecutive years. UCF took the runners-up position to Kentucky which took home the overall win and it’s 20th National Championship title.

Last year UCF was given the opportunity to compete in the European Championship in Paris, France. The team was the only one selected by Varsity Brands from the United States. They won there division and are now the European Open Champions.

In an interview with UCF Today, Jacob Serre said they had been working on their nationals routine since the day after the 2013 National Championships. He said that the team was more determined than ever to improve on their routine and more difficult stunts.

The UCF cheerleaders are not all about practicing they also have a heart to help. During their trip to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl both teams spirit squads and their mascots visited the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. While there the teams visited the children staying at the hospital and their families. The UCF cheerleading  team participates in volunteering opportunities throughout the year and they have a great time helping others.

The UCF cheerleading team may have brought home second place in the nation but they bring much more to their community throughout the year. They help the UCF football team stay positive during games, provide the fans with team spirit, and more important they provide their time to people who need it the most throughout the year. Charge on UCF Spirit Squad!






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