As always UCF is expanding and the UCF has to always keep up with the high demand of students and class. This is nothing new to a school that is know to be number 2 of University with the largest  student body. The main problem is if there will be enough parking for everyone. Downtown is always busy during both the day and night, and at night is the worst because parking can go up to $20 and depend what celebrity it can even be more than that. UCF is also partnering up with Valencia in this whole process of moving everything with you. I think it is a great idea but it is in the wrong location. Downtown area is always quiet here during the day when all the you people and colleges kids come to hangout. On the plus side building the campus will add so many jobs to people who are in in need for, it is estimated that 2,000. So far community partners have been able to raise 16 million dollars. Like many large Universities is is common to have so many campuses spread out throughout the small area which is what UCF is doing but it is also merging with Valencia so the student from Valencia can have a better time transition to natural.

Although I am a senior and I would love to see the final product of this new campus I might not be a see it. Knowing UCF this campus is good at taking forever to complete by then I will be an alumni. No due date or deadline has been created for this new project but I will be keeping my eyes on there project.

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