UCF Head Coaching Rumors Swirl

With the UCF Knights catastrophic season finally at an end, the head coaching hunt can really begin to heat up. With long-time head coach George O’Leary retiring mid-season and interim head coach Danny Barrett not expected to stay, UCF will definitely begin to look outside of central Florida for their next head coach. Rumors have begun to swirl that Mario Cristobal, Randy Shannon or Dino Barbers could head the UCF football team next season.

Currently Dino Barbers appears to be the most probably candidate. A product of Baylor’s Art Briles, Dino Barbers has been known for his prolific offenses. Currently as head coach of Bowling Green Dino Barbers has configured one of the most potent offenses in the entire FBS. UCF could certainly use an offense boost following a season where touchdowns were scarce.

Next on the list is University of Florida coordinator Randy Shannon. Randy Shannon would certainly be the most flashy hire on the list as he has coaching experience at the University of Miami and the University of Florida. Randy Shannon’s pro-style offense also fits perfectly at UCF and no major overhauls would need to take place during the off-season.

The last candidate whose name has appeared from multiple sources is Mario Cristobal. Cristobal spent time as Florida International University’s head coach where he led the team to two bowl appearances and record stadium attendance and multiple big time recruits. Cristobal is a hard recruiter and would be a perfect fit in central Florida where UCF struggles to keep recruits away from Florida State and the University of Florida.

UCF’s next coach certainly has a lot on the line for the school. With a dismal season ending, another one could mean a total collapse of the football program. A lot is on the line this next season and UCF is feeling the heat.

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