UCF loses to Stanford in Last Nights Football Game 31-7

The UCF Knights are now standing at 0-2 after last nights loss to Stanford University. After UCF’s loss to FIU just a couple weeks ago, the loss against Stanford turned the players; spirits down.

In one of the first plays of the game, star junior quarterback Justin Holman was injured. He hit his hand on the helmet of an opposing player when he was hit. The specifics of his hand injury are unclear, but the player is in a split. It hasn’t been determined if he will be able to play in the next game on September 19th.

With Holman out of the game, the coach was forced to put in a true freshman  to replace him, Bo Schneider, who completed 7 out of 19 passes. He was then replaced by Tyler Harris with nine minutes left on the clock who completed 7 out of 15 passes.

Apart from the injury, UCF had other challenges to handle as well. Two players did not go to the game at Sanford. One player still recovering from an injury from the game against FIU and another who was suspended. Even with he set backs from last nights game, UCF did see some improvement in their play. They plan to watch film and critically evaluate the right and wrongs of the game and come back stronger for the next game against Furman.

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