UCF Makes Breakthrough Developments in Invisibility Technology

Ten years ago, if someone talked about invisibility, then they would most likely be referring to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. However, a team of scientists led by Dr. Debashis Chanda at the University of Central Florida are near a complete breakthrough in the technology.

This technology has been explored before. Japan and Singapore have had researchers come up with devices which allowed things to be see-through, but Dr. Chanda insists that those were more illusions rather than invisibility.

Here at UCF, the technology in question is regarded as “cloaking”. It is a material that will be able to bend light around an object, and thus making it undetectable to the human eye. They are hoping that this new technology will be able to be adapted to military stealth aircrafts.

Not too long ago, this was achieved at a nanoscale, but since then, the technology has leapt forward and can now cover up a surface of up to four inches by four inches. Dr. Chanda and his team hope to be able to adapt this technology to aircrafts in about five years time.

I honestly believe that this breakthrough could change the way we see military tactics, and could also start an all-new industry in technology. It will be important to see how this research develops and how far the boundaries of this fascinating innovation can be pushed.

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