UCF’s Amazing Football Season In Fall 2013

This semester UCF had really brought on the competition with football. We now can be seen on national television which had not happened yet in the other seasons, we are playing in a harder division, and we only have one loss for the whole season! We lost to South Carolina by 3 points, they were nationally ranked and then we beat Louisville, another nationally ranked school during their homecoming game. That must have been embarrassing for them! So after those two high lights in our season, we also became nationally ranked and recognized by universities everywhere. We started off ranked as 23 and now we are ranked 19 and still moving up.

I went home this weekend for Thanksgiving Break and as I was walking in Bayside I passed by a television that had on the UCF vs USF game. Not only does that mean that we were on national TV, it means that we were important enough for them to be playing our game all the way down in Miami. It made me really happy, it was almost like seeing a glimpse of spirit even away from my school. I am really happy that we’re doing so goos not only because it’s awesome and I like winning but because I believe that UCF is an amazing school that’s very underrated and I;m glad that we are now getting more of the respect that we deserve.

I chose to go to UCF as my first choice and it annoys me that it was so many people’s second choice that didn’t get into FSU or UF, which isn’t even ranked at all this season, by the way. Don’t get me wrong, FSU and UF have been around for a long time and they deserve respect for keeping up their schools the way that they have but I believe that for UCF being open for only 50 young years, we have accomplished a lot and we are only continuing to grow and become bigger and better and there is no doubt in my mind that in the next coming years and decades, UCF is going to have a a lot of respect and it going to be known as the school I see it as today.

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