Ukraine in Jeopardy But the United States Media is focused on trivial things

In our media, all i have been hearing about is how Justin Bieber is getting arrested for being an idiot, Miley Cyrus and her stupidity, and everything else happening in pop culture. But over seas Ukraine is basically dealing with a civil war about to break out. What bothers me is I had to find this out after seeing a comment on a blog saying “no one knows whats going on in the Ukraine but Bieber gets arrested and it makes front page news.”

To give you the short version of whats going on the Ukraine was supposed to sign an agreement that was going to make them part of the European Alliance. But do to some pressure from Russia, the Ukrainian government back out of the agreement. within last week the Ukrainian Government had instated anti protest laws. People who were for the European agreement started to protest when things turned violent.

Police started using anti-riot weapons such as tear gas and riot shields to disperse the protesters when the protesters retaliated and all hell broke loose. People are dying, the government have been erecting barriers, and worse of all Ukrainians are literally fighting and killing each other over this conflict. The situation has been completely out of control and yet I have not seen one report from the united states on it.

I understand if we don’t want to get involved with the politics in another country but at least inform the public on what is going on. I could literally careless about Justin Bieber’s stupidity when human lives are being lost brutally. I believe that takes precedence over what is going on in pop culture, when people are dying.

Here is the article from BBC so that people can get more familiar with the situation.


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