United States Fall Short in Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics have finally come to a close in Sochi, Russia after weeks of fantastic finishes. The United States surprised quite a few people this week by not receiving not just the gold medal but any medal in hockey.

After an impressive first round blow out by the American team, the team then went on to upset Russia as well. Next they received a bye for the next round until they played Czech Republic. The United States quickly made fast work of them even with one of the greatest players ever to play hockey on the Czech side, Jaromír Jagr. The U.S next played their toughest opponent next Canada.

Canada is the reigning gold medal winner for the Olympics and they are the rival for the U.S based on physical boundaries. Canada took down the States in this match and ended up going on to win the gold medal again. The States lost to Canada to a score of 1-0.

With Canada once again being crowned, the United States were left to play for the bronze medal. They lost to Finland by a score of 5-0.

I just couldn’t believe that a team like the United States had could be stopped, and so easily stopped based off the score of the bronze medal game. The U.S hands down one of the best programs in the world for hockey so losing 5-0 to a team that doesn’t have such great players is ridiculous. I just hope that the players learn from their mistakes and take their experiences home with them to their respected teams in the NHL.

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