University Of Central Florida’s views on skateboarding on campus grounds, as told by a skateboarder.

So I work at the local skate shop on campus, Skateboards & Sports, in the John T. Washington Center Breezeway and I have a few things to say about the kids who skateboard on campus.


I have skated a few college campus’ in my day and I have to say that no where else, in my travels, has such a large and diverse skate following as the University of Central Florida. The crisscrossing of skateboarders and the constant sound of “clack clack clack” makes me feel at home. The groups of kids who skate together never break. You can see them traveling to the same destinations, in the same lines everyday.

Skateboards & Sports, the skate shop I mentioned earlier, is not only the official skate shop of the University of Central Florida, but the only skate shop located on a college campus in the nation. You can definitely feel the support for the shop from the continued foot traffic through the door and the word on the street.

This is our second semester on campus and I think we will be here for many more years to come. Hopefully the student body as a whole embraces the shop  and we can continue to grow.

Many students, and teachers alike, feel the opposite of what I do about skateboarders on our university’s campus.


This is caused by the inconsiderate longboarders who give the rest of the campus’ skateboard community a bad reputation. We are currently spreading awareness about safe skating and “speed limits” on campus.

Hopefully soon skaters and non-skaters can move in harmony around campus.

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