Univision Buys a Portion of “The Onion” to Entice Millenials

Recently, the Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision purchased a minority share of the company that publishes, the Onion, an online satirical news magazine. As the worlds of broadcast and digital continue to merge, broadcasters are seeing the markets become segmented by how they use and interact with entertainment through various forms of media.

ABC/Disney, for example, have a strong hold on families and young children through traditional and online media including: the Disney Channel, FreeForm, and ESPN. ComcastNBC have entered the online content market with Buzzfeed. Univision doesn’t want to be left out of the space, and can see how humor connects with Millenials. Building a presence in online spaces is only logical for broadcast or entertainment brands, but it is important for a them to know their audience, or at least be willing to learn their audience.

Millenials are a large and unique segment of the population. They consume their entertainment through a broad spectrum of devices (TV, video game systems, phones, computers/laptops, etc…). Millenial tastes are often centered around their lifestyle and habits. They aren’t confined to any place or time to consume their entertainment. Also, their brand loyalties are more varied since most of their spare time is spent connected to a device, they can be exposed to a wider selection of brands and content sources. Entertainment is important to this segment.

The Onion could become a unique opportunity for Univision, especially if they attempt to incorporate the Onion into their own broadcast channels. With digital landscapes bringing great distances together, becoming a world recognized brand is becoming easier.



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