Update: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 landed in Indian Ocean: All lives are Lost

After a 16 day search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia’s prime minister confirms dreadful news. He announced that the Boeing-777 went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean and that “All lives are lost”. In addition to the breaking news, the search for the plane was suspended due to a terrible storm in the Indian Ocean as search efforts will be hazardous if continued. If the weather permits the search will resume Wednesday in the southern region of the Indian Ocean. Families have been essentially on a roller coaster ride since the plane first disappeared because it was so many theories and not one definite answer. As the days went by, hopes of survival dwindled as there was no sign of life nor a sign of a crash. A British satellite company discovered new data that led to the new conclusion that the plane had in fact went down in a remote area in the ocean.

The most difficult part about this new update is the reaction from the families. Families of the victims of Flight 370 are left with questions that cannot be answered. The news appeared to be devastating as they held out hope for so long, wishing their loved ones would be found alive after 2 weeks. The possibilities of what could have happened have been narrowed down to four options: a potential hijacking, sabotage, psychological issues or personal problems of the passengers and/or crew. Investigators have yet to find a piece of wreckage from the plane and the Prime Minister based his announcement on what he described as unprecedented analysis of satellite data by British satellite provider Inmarsat and the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Malaysia Airlines reports that once the wreckage is found they will fly the families over to Australia. Once the search resumes on Wednesday, officials are hopeful that they will solve the mystery behind the disappearance of flight 370 and bring the families closure during this difficult time.


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