Valentines Day…Just Another Day?

February can be described in many ways. Its the month leading up to spring break, tons of test and quizzes, black history month, my birthday month (WOOT WOOT!). For some its an anniversary and for others its the month after they broke up with their significant other to avoid buying gifts. For the masochist its another money making ploy because Valentines day really stemmed from some type of massacre (I’m not well versed on the subject)  but it is most famously known as the month of L-O-V-E. All hail Valentine’s day! Everywhere you turn you see shows airing their annual Valentines day special, more Kay’s jewelry commercials and your local Walgreen’s adorned in pink, red, hearts, candies, and flowers but is Valentines day really still “the lovers holiday”?

I’ve been asking close friends and their friends if they had any plans for Valentines day and I can honestly say I was floored by the results. Some had to work, others had class or some type of prior engagement that they couldn’t get out of but almost all answered that they were going it BUT not with their significant other. They were going out with close girlfriends and guy friends to dinner or movies just to lounge and chill. I had someone go as far as to tell me they will be celebrating Valentines day another day because their favorite show has a new episode premiering  and they absolutely refused to miss it. No one seems really concerned about Valentines day at all, just treating it like its any ol’ day. WHERE IS THE LOVE?! Has it really disappeared because its considered and expensive holiday? Or are relationships just that strong they don’t need one day to show off? No matter which way you twist it or turn it Valentines day is fun but everyday should be the day you express your love in some way, shape, or form to another loved one whether it be a significant other, mom, aunt, etc.





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