Violence is Taking Over Many Schools But What’s It Causing It To Happen? – Click Here To Find Out!

School can change your life dramatically, hopefully in good way, but not everyone is so lucky. I, myself used to be bullied around middle school so I know; from experience what it feels like not to even want to go to class since you know, there is always someone who is going to make fun of you in front of everyone so they can feel “the power of being cool” since they don’t have anything better to do with themselves. They like to make people feel inferior. That pain makes bullies feel empowered.

One of the main causes of school violence is verbal abuse, which is when people use words to bully a person around; for example, someone might be short so people take advantage of that and exaggerate the fact and might call them “midget, dwarf, baby.”

Drugs seem to be the “escape” for many students. They feel like no one understands them, so they think drugs are the solution since it makes them relax and forget about it. Some but not all of these issues might come from the lack of guidance and the kind of environment they have at home.

Also peer-pressure is one cause that affects us all. We think since people are doing it, why not me? Well that’s where the media comes with such misleading opinions, like girls fighting over some guy, or people calling fat someone innocent. This can lead the victims to such big and unfortunate results such as depression, which the effects could be suicide, health problems like bulimia, anorexia, drugs and a lot more.

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