Viva Las Vegas: A Guide to The Best 21st Birthday

I recently tried planning the best 21st birthday ever. Mine. You only turn 21 once, and that fact gave me the biggest kick in the rear to make it memorable. I can finally drink! Legally. Where is the best place in the world to have your first drink? That’d be none other than Las Vegas! It’s mecca for this type of stuff. You can easily envision yourself and your friends having a blast, enjoying the various environments and drinks that Vegas can offer. Besides, it’s a celebration!

How do you make the most of a Vegas vacation? Well, to start off you have to set the price tag. What can I afford to spend on this trip? If it isn’t $400 or more, your time won’t be very enjoyable. But, since I have around eight months to save up, I shot for $700. With this, you’ve got yourself set.

The flight is the first major purchase. AirTran and Southwest are always the best bets. In fact, AirTran allows you to use PayPal’s Bill Me Later feature to pay it off over time, while building credit! February is the cheapest month to fly, with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as the cheapest days. Unfortunately $300 is about average for the flight out west.

As for accommodations, take advantage of the cheap weekday hotel rates and promos. You really don’t want to stay anywhere off the strip. The Luxor, Stratosphere, and The Flamingo are great stays for around $70 a night. But, the more people, the lower the price. Just check the occupancy limits.

With that in mind, don’t forget your friends! Create a Facebook group or an event page and start sending invites. Give them a price estimate early as they’ll want to save up, too. Comb through and only invite folks that’ll have the best chemistry together. Look for responsible individuals, not uptight or drunk and disorderly. Have some class. Set the plans in advance. They’re welcome to join you if they wish. Don’t tie yourself to your friends, as people do bail. Above all, take time to enjoy yourself!

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