Wake up in the Happiest Place on Earth

Okay so I’m SOOO excited for this post because I just purchased tickets for my boyfriends birthday. I got a room in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Village! I’ll explain what it is if you’ve never heard of it.

Animal Kingdom has 3 hotel properties: Animal Kingdom Lodge and 2 of their Villas- Jambo & Kidani. If you stay at Kidani & Jambo, you can have a room with a balcony overlooking the savannah! It’s breathtaking having a high floor seeing the sunset/sunrise and all the animals just doing their thing. If you check into this resort make sure to have this at the top of your list. The giraffe’s, elephants, and rhinos are my personal favorite!! They have such exotic animals though and you get to wake up to it and see the whole thing. It can also be very relaxing just sitting down observing it all. They even have a tram during the day that you can ride and observe the animals up close!

They have a few restaurants on property- from quick service at their pool bars, relaxed and casual options, to fine dining and even Wine Tasting lounges, they have it all! I reserved at Jiko, which is their fine dining restaurant. Here you have the option to sit up close and personal and see the chef personally make your food! (Benihana style) And after dinner you can sit by a HUGE fire pit outside on rocking chairs and sip on some tea, coffee or hot cocoa and even enjoy some smores! Afterwards, if you have the villa overlooking the savannah, you can order some amazing room service and sit outside on your personal balcony and see it all!

I also got tickets to go to Animal Kingdom park and because we’re staying at the hotel, we’re able to take the tram and save the hassle of parking. Additionally, they have a spa on property, so that’ll be totally great and something to check out. Lastly, they play Disney movies outside every night under the stars, we probably won’t be able to do this because our day is packed but the fact that they offer that is pretty neat and unique!! Just go to Front Desk to check out their schedule.

I’m so excited to check in already!! I even have planned an In Room Celebration— which means they decorate the room for whatever occasion you’re celebrating and it’ll be a surprise when you check in. You can customize it with food, types of decorations and anything else you’d like. This place has so much to offer, I HIGHLY recommend you come enjoy it all at the Happiest Place on Earth (:

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