Warfighters Fought Over Warfighter Fight

The U.S. Navy has released a statement this week, that at least seven current Seals are being disciplined after information was released back to the agency of their involvement in the creation of the new Electronic Arts Inc video game, ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter.’ After much discussion and debriefing on the topic, although it was not detailed in the report, it is believed that some of the Navy Seals may have divulged sensitive information to the game creators so as to help create, ‘the most realistic [experience] possible.’ Other Seals are also suspected in the case, but charges and reprimands will not be placed on them until their involvement is positively identified in the case.

For two days at least seven individuals current in the United States Navy were, with voluntary participatory permission, subject to questioning over the realities of war as well as what should and should not be implemented in the new game to give authentic recreations of the battle field that the troops are most used to. In addition to these troops, other retired United States Veterans were present for some of the brainstorming sessions, but cannot get in trouble due to their lack of current status in the military branch.

Current members found guilty of involvement have been docked pay for two months as well as additional action to be taken out after the information released to Electronic Arts Inc has been divulged. The military spokespeople have made it clear though that this group of individuals will be made an example of, and the seriousness of the issue as well as their actions, will be taken into account when further discipline is enforced. Electronic Arts Inc holds little to no fault in the case because it is the responsibility of the employed military personnel to uphold the standards and integrity of their branch. More details should arrive about the case in the coming months.

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