We’re STUCK in our Chairs

It seems as technology becomes more sophisticated we sit down in our chair more. We are somewhat forced to sit down, stare into our computer screens, iPhones and video games and become slaves to technology. The things we had to do physically, we can now take the short cut, sit down in our chairs and enjoy doing certain tasks with comfort and ease. Is this what we have to look forward to? Is this for the best?

I am currently interning for a radio station and I hold many conversations with company employees who have been working for the same station 10+ years. They tell me how the evolution of technology changed their job roles. Before, the promotions department had to go around, place banners on street corners, drive around in a company truck and just engage randomly with the city. Now, social media does all of this for us. The big hype now is how many followers they have on Twitter or how many friends they have on Facebook. All of that for example is how we have shifted from physically going out and communicating versus sitting on a computer and doing all the work.

Besides interning, I also am a Disc Jockey for nightclubs around the city. My pay is basically determined by the amount of followers I have on Twitter. To get followers, you have to sit down in your chair and tweet from your computer or tweet from your smart phone. Before Disc Jocks had to go to places and build a network, wear t-shirts, give out business cards etc. You do not get that anymore. People just become celebrities on social media sites and that is the new way to market yourself. Technology is changing, and today, it is causing us to be glued to our chairs.

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