What Are Kids Watching On TV Nowadays That’s Making Them Too Smart For Our Liking? -Here We Tell You If You Need Parental Guidance Control On Your TV or Not!

Nowadays everything is shifting towards the digital world. Television has been a game changer for many years, but now more than ever is captivating our attention because adults and children are being put under the same category when tv shows creators are thinking of their audience. It used to be that kids would only watch kid’s show, but now, we are realizing that since children have the same type of access that adults have to watch regular adult shows, they are watching them without any parental guidance. So this tells us that the kids in today’s society don’t have the same mentality the used to have back in the day. They are becoming much smarter in the sense that they know what’s going on around in the media world, thanks to not just the television, but also social media, who plays such a big role in shaping today’s society. We no longer need to buy a newspaper to find out about the news, we can just go on twitter, look at the trending topics and it will do just about the same job in just fewer words. We are all becoming used to reading just the important facts of a current event, we no longer care about the details that come to the story because it will make us want to look at something else. Today is about finding information fast that is reliable, and social media does just that, and it caters to all ages so kids can read as much as adults do.
Another point to have in mind is that since we are all culturally different, we all decode information differently depending where we geographically located, our religion, our community, the social status, we have, it all affects the way view news or, in fact, any type of media information.


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