What Has Technology Done For Our Minds?

“We got the whole world in our hands.” With iPads, smart phones, and laptops at the touch of our fingers it is so easy to get distracted by the latest news and trends. Many people can say that they are not able to concentrate on something for as long as they used to. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” I realized how my mind has changed from the times without as much technology. Spending countless hours on the internet and being able to search through billions of different websites has been detrimental to my concentration abilities. Long are the days where I could sit outside and read a book for hours, now I can no longer sit in a classroom without checking my Instagram newsfeed within the first two minutes of sitting down.

All of society can simply Google one symptom they are feeling and WebMD will automatically say it’s a disease of some sort. Today, college students Google things such as “loss of concentration” and three days later, they have a prescription for adderall. Technology and the media seems to only be a negative attribution to our knowledge and concentration abilities. The rest of the world and I need to take a break from the 3 paragraph blogs and open up a great novel or write in a journal.


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