What is Operation Beautiful?

A few years ago when I was at work I went into the restroom to wash my hands. While I was standing in front of the mirror I noticed a post-it note that said, “You are beautiful!” Just that small act of kindness from a stranger put a smile on my face that impacted me enough to post what I had experienced on Facebook. One of my Facebook friends wrote back to tell me that the note was part of Operation Beautiful. So of course, I had to learn more about this Operation Beautiful.

Operation Beautiful is a blog that was created in June 2009 by editor Caitlin Boyle. Her mission is to put an end to negative self-talk and fat-talk by posting positive notes in public places for everyone to see.  Almost every day on Operation Beautiful Caitlin will have a Post-It Phrase of the Day, for November 14she wrote, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Young girls and women can visit her blog to read stories that others have shared about how they got through anorexia, not feeling good enough, and other hard times. Caitlin and some of her partners will post uplifting quotes and positive affirmations to remind others that they are beautiful just the way they are. Caitlin also encourages others who have seen these positive notes to write about their experiences. Lola S wrote, “I saw a message in the bathroom after a swim meet today. “You are beautiful” I have major self-esteem issues and I just felt so much better!”

Caitlin is the editor of Operation Beautiful and A Healthy Tipping Point. She is also the author of these three books, Healthy Tipping Point: A Powerful Program for a Stronger, Happier You, Operation Beautiful: One Note at a Time, and Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-It Note at a Time. Caitlin is using social media to reach young women everywhere to move beyond negative self-talk and fat-talk to becoming more confident. She emphasizes, “WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!” For more information about Operation Beautiful visit http://www.operationbeautiful.com/.


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